Become a member FREE and be notified of Lost and items listed in your area

Become a member FREE and be notified of Lost and Stolen items listed in your area.

FREE listing of lost and stolen items
FREE search for lost and stolen items including search by Suburb
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Congratulations to the lucky winner of the Vehicle Security System give away. With the help of followers, our community page competition was a great success. Many more people now know about the service we provide. "the more who know, the more it can help"
Who we are!
My name is Shane Gibb, I am founder of My wife and I were once victims of a break in and after the timely process of writing a list of all of the items that we knew were missing, reported the theft to the local police. We soon discovered that once we reported our theft, there was little else we could do. On the advice of the local police we visited the local pawn dealers in the hope that we might find our items. Without success and becoming increasingly frustrated I looked for options to advertise our stolen items on the web. There were literally thousands of listings for stolen property on the internet but I was surprised to find that there was no centralised site. This was my inspiration for developing a community system that would help the public advertise their loss and increase the chances of having those items recovered. In 2009 I launched the website Please "like" and "share" our community page. "the more who know, the more it can help" My wife Kylie and I manage the day to day operations. Mission Our mission is to provide you with a free service that will advertise your item and increase the chances of having your item recovered.
Our new site is coming
I would like to thank everyone who have used and supported this free service since we first launched in 2009. I am happy to say that my idea of a centralised online lost and stolen property database has been validated. Over the last 3 years I have maintained a focus on adding additional features to assist you in advertising your listings. The more who know, the more it can help.

Great news!

All listings are shared on our Facebook page for greater exposure of your listings.

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We now offer a new feature. When you become a member of you will be notified if there is a listing of lost and stolen items in your area, and the best thing is we offer this new service free.
Australia's high rate of vehicle theft
Australia has one of the highest rates of vehicle theft in the western world. On average, one in every seventy Australian households had a vehicle stolen in the last twelve months. Almost 100,000 vehicles are stolen each year and around one-quarter will never be recovered. A large number of unrecovered vehicles end up back on the market with new identities and are sold to unsuspecting buyers. If you buy a car from a private buyer and it is later found that it was stolen, or there is money owing on it, you may lose both the vehicle and the money you paid for it.
Stolen Vehicle Check
Links and numbers to State and Territory Vehicle Registries have been added to the services area. Ensure you use these services to avoid purchasing a stolen or encumbered vehicle.
Safety tips

A large number of break and enter crimes are easily preventable.

When thinking about how you can make your home safer, consider the following safety tips:

  • Do the locks on the doors and windows operate properly
  • Do not leave spare or car keys readily available inside the house
  • Keep all sheds locked
  • Back up computer hard drives and keep copies in a different location
  • Mark you property with an engraver to identify it as your own
  • Keep a list of seriel numbers
  • Take photo's of expensive items
  • Keep an up to date inventory of all of your possessions
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover your much loved items

With a little time and effort you can minimise the impact on you and your family, should you become a victim of theft.

Lost Dog Found

A Bull Mastiff x Arab pup was listed lost on 12 June 09 from a residence in Bray Park QLD. We are happy to advise the pup was reported found on the 15 June 09. Thank you to the owner for notifying the team at is Australia‚Äôs online lost and stolen property database. is Australia's only FREE public Lost and Stolen Property database. The public can list their items free of charge on our database and with the high volume of traffic expected, increase the chances of having those items recovered.

There are literally thousands of listings of lost and stolen items on the internet, but no dedicated public database to list them on. The public have been listing lost and stolen items on their own pages in the hope that someone may stumble across them.

We offer the public a new and innovative way to advertise their lost and stolen items.

Services we offer include - 

FREE listing of lost and stolen items
FREE search for lost and stolen items including search by Postcode
Rewards can be listed as incentive to see items recovered